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With sincere appreciation, DiRupo Bowling recognizes our sponsors for allowing us to provide the highest level of instruction. Please see the following pages for items that can be purchased from our sponsors. Thank you for allowing DiRupo Bowling to elevate your game!



For over fifty years, Dexter has produced high-quality footwear. Founded in 1957, Dexter began with their traditional boat shoe and has since progressed to stand as the premier name in bowling. As an American brand with American values, we have a deep respect for tradition, which is reflected in the time-honored designs of our shoes. We also have a commitment to innovation, which is why we continually update our construction methods and materials to keep pace with the cutting edge of footwear technology.


Jersey Alley

Jersey Alley offers premium quality bowling jerseys and apparel. All of our gear is made and manufactured in the United States of America. Although our name is quite new to the world of bowling, our work and high manufacturing standards are not. Until recently, we handled the design and manufacturing needs of the brands and companies that outfit and serve the PBA and bowling community. Unlike these other brands and companies, we’re committed to providing Premium Quality – American made apparel to the enthusiasts and competitors that love and compete in this great sport.



Neo-Tac has some of the best products on the market such as the USBC approved Pro-2000 that Leaves a 1500/2000 Surface and Removes Silicone, Oil, Dirt, Belt Marks, Surface Glazing, and Slip Agents.

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A Revolution in Bowling Ball Maintenance




Vise Inserts dominates the grip/slug markets around the world!  Interchangeable Thumb/Finger Inserts/Thumb Slugs/Finger and Thumb tapes/Bags/Shirts.

VISE "The Choice Of Champions"

Since: 1983


Innovative Bowling Products

"The True Worldwide Leaders in Pro Shop Equipment and Accessories"


Innovative is the choice of the world's leading pro shops and the choice of the worlds leading bowlers



Hammy's Bowling Shoe Covers
Proudly mad
e in the USA

The Hammy's Bowling Shoe Covers are the original Fuzzy Bowling Shoe Covers!  Each and every shoe cover is handmade by Nancy, inspected and packaged with care by Steve. The shoe covers are made of various fabrics and they all are washable in cold water and air dries only. The sole of the shoe covers is Marine Vinyl which protects your bowling shoes from moisture and dirt.  The elastic opening makes it easy to slip over your bowling shoes.  Special request and wholesale pricing are available by contacting Nancy at

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Ron C's Magic Carpet.jpg

Ron C's Magic Carpet

Ron C's Magic Carpet is a loop-pile carpeted tape for the thumbhole that helps bowlers obtaining a smooth, comfortable, clean release without sticking. The nylon fibers and looped profile of the tape offer just the right amount of friction and compression needed for the modern bowler. It is form-fitting and comfortable. The loops under and around the thumb allow air to flow around the thumb as it quickly exits the thumbhole. This prevents a low-pressure area from forming in the bottom of the thumb hole. In other words, it stops suction that can occur if you have a snug and proper fitting thumbhole! Ron C's Magic Carpet is very durable will last most bowlers three months! Ron C's Magic Carpet also has a "grain bias" that slants the loops in one direction. This offers the bowler two different kinds of releases in just one product. Install the Carpet so that the thumb exits "with the grain" (red mark up) for the fastest release and "against the grain" (red mark down) for a slightly slower release. Try both ways to see which one fits your game better!

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