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About Marianne DiRupo

Professional Bio

Marianne started her thirteen year professional bowling career (1992-2004) in 1992, when she joined the Professional Women's Bowlers Association and was awarded the PWBA Rookie of the Year Honors and the Ebonite Bowling Digest Rookie of the Year Award. The awards and accolades did not stop there. Several awards and accomplishments followed:

Bowler's Journal International All-American in 1996-97, 1997-98, 1999-2000 and 2003-04.

Proud Mother of Munchkin DiRupo

Although small in stature, Munch has left her paw print on Marianne's heart, and anxiously awaits her arrival back home everyday. For those unsure, Munch is a dog! Do not make the mistake of calling her a cat as some have already done. This behavior will not be tolerated!


We recently started to look for a bowling instructor for my 11 year old grandson and we met Marianne at Sparta Lanes one day while she was coaching her high school kids. She took time out to come right over to our lane and watched him bowl a few frames after which she spent 10 to 15 minutes giving him a few pointers. Marianne is very engaging and my grandson immediately felt at ease. She has begun to work with him when our schedules allow and in just a few weeks his bowling has improved tremendously. She has a knack for finding just the right way to explain a concept or technique, sometimes relating it to another sport that the student participates in and she can sense when a student is tense and a little humor is needed. She is incredibly organized and it is immediately apparent that she loves the sport and possesses a vast knowledge of it as both a professional and an instructor. Even though it's just been a few months, we feel as though we've known Marianne forever. 


Grandparent, Andover, N.J.

I was introduced to Marianne by a friend whose son was on her bowling team at the time. My son was 10 and showed promise and raw talent but needed a coach to get to the next level. My friend assured me Marianne was not only an excellent coach but related well to young kids. I'm glad I took his advice. 

Since working with Marianne, my son has learned the fundamentals that have brought his average up more than 50 pins per game. More importantly, he now loves the sport and looks forward to each lesson. Marianne's coaching has instilled confidence, sportsmanship, and a sense of pride in his accomplishments. He knows more about the technical aspects of the game than I could have ever hoped to teach him and every serious bowler I meet at the different lanes we bowl at all say the same thing, "Oh, he's working with Coach DiRupo?  He's a lucky kid. And now I know why he's doing so well at such a young age. She gets all her kids to love the game while maximizing their potential." 

Ed L.

Father - Pequannock, NJ.

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